29 set 2010

LE PETIT FOYER_ Art & Jewelry Creativity

"Painting my dreams"
"Dreams in the mirror"

I left my heart in Paris, necklace
Innocence, Necklace
Geisha, necklace

Stephania Dapolla, photographer and designer for Le Petit Foyer.
She is an artist, painting and restoring helps her to love memory and old things.

"Photography is for me a way to express moods and emotions using images from the world around.
I love to relate poetry and images and to create my own dreamy, nostalgic and often melancholic visions. I use textures to recreate reality and my favourite subjects are all kinds of forgotten and decayed buildings, streets or objects.
I show my work in a small gallery in my city and also display part of it in my etsy shop since last January.

Jewellery design is something totally new for me. As in painting and photography, I am fascinated by old styles and materials and the possibility to use them in a new personal concept.
I try to discover little treasuries in old stocks with vintage items and mix them in a way that can match to the modern aesthetic needs. I also love to combine diverse metals, such as silver and brass which I find extremely attractive when they are oxidised by the patina of time.
My most recent project is to create hand painted miniatures adjusted into pendants, a kind of jewellery collage.
I love to create moods, express emotions and tell little stories through each one of my creations.

In my art, as in my life, I rarely plan my next step but leave my intuition guide me.
As a person I prefer to keep a low profile and let my work speak instead of me. My life is quiet but never boring, as I feel that I would need more than 24 hours every day in order to achieve what I have in mind.
My day starts with a long walk at the local park with my dogs. Then I open my little shop which I share with my family and start working. My local and online shops keep me busy for most of the day.
Late in the evening, my dogs remind me that the day has gone and we have to go out again for some walking.

I also love to travel when I have the chance. My country, Greece, offers many opportunities for short relaxing breaks and photographic expeditions.
At this time, I am mostly concentrated in building and promoting "Le Petit Foyer", my new online jewelry shop on etsy. For me, selling online is a great opportunity for sharing and communication with people far beyond the limits of my local society. I love to feel a citizen of the world and art is my best reminder".

Stephania Dapolla, artista, fotografa e designer de Le Petit Foyer, lavora nell'arte da qualche anno. Il suo lavoro si concentra, soprattutto, sulla pittura e sul restauro, un'arte che le ha insegnato ad apprezzare e rispettare le cose antiche e le tradizioni.

Quattro anni fa, Stephania coglie l'opportunità di imparare la fotografia e i processi digitali.
Uno strumento per esprimere stati d'animo ed emozioni, attraverso le immagini del mondo circostante.
Poesia e immagine: una visione sognante, nostalgica e malinconica.
I soggetti preferiti sono luoghi dimenticati, strade, oggetti e costruzioni decadenti: Stephania espone anche in una piccola galleria nella sua città, Atene. 
Sia nella pittura come nella fotografia, si percepisce la sua fascinazione per oggetti, stili, materiali antichi e per la possibilità di usarli in un nuova e personale visione.
Scoprire piccoli tesori in vendita in vecchi negozi, accanto a pezzi vintage. Combinare essi con le esigenze estetiche moderne. 

Progettare gioielli è qualcosa di nuovo per Stephania.
Il suo ultimo progetto: jewellery collage. Collage di gioielli: inserire delle miniature, dipinte a mane, all'interno di ciondoli e pendenti. 
Adora creare stati d'animo, esprimere emozioni, raccontare una storia in ogni creazione.
Nell'arte, come nella vita, raramente pianifica il prossimo passo.
Si lascia guidare dall'intuizione.
Lascia che siano le sue creazioni a parlare.

Da poco ha aperto il suo piccolo negozio, ma, in questo periodo, è molto concentrata nel progettare e promuovere “Le Petit Foyer”, jewellery shop on line
Condividere e comunicare con persone lontane, oltre i limiti della società e della propria terra.
Sentire il mondo attraverso l'arte.

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  1. Stephania's work is simply outstanding. Her creativity never seizes to amaze me with her captivating photography and her gorgeous jewelry.


  2. Stephania's work reflects the genuine instinct of an artist, in everything she does. I am a real fan of her work!

  3. A talented artist who captures in a unique way emotions!!! Her work speaks to my soul :))

  4. Thank you Margherita for your support and the inspiring presentation of the work of all the amazing artists here. I feel so honoured to be featured among them.
    Many thanks also to my dear friends for these really kind words on my work!

  5. stephania creates such beautiful works and jewellery, she is so talented and also modest always creating inspiring and soulful, lovely art ... i am proud and happy to be her friend and to see her getting such recognition

    congratulations! :))

  6. Dear Stephania,

    Thank you for your word, your grace and your art.
    I think the world needs new form of expression.

    Good luck with your business and your dreams.