21 mag 2011

ROSELLA RESIN_ Love of Nature

Jessica and Gwynne are the indie handmade jewelry designer/producer of Rosella Resin, where nature meets jewels.
They are two sisters, who love making wearable works of art. Jessica was trained in mouldmaking and resin casting while living in Melbourne, Australia, as a feather-collecting junkie. Upon returning to Canada, she taught Gwynne everything she knew. With Gwynne's superior eye for design Rosella Resin was born. The company is named after the beautiful Australian parrot. 
Nature is the world's greatest designer: Rosella jewelry showcases the most beautiful designs found in nature, including feathers, shells, and plants. 
The transparent resin transforms delicate and ephemeral natural artifacts into beautifully preserved, wearable, durable jewelry. Resin also has a magnifying property, highlighting every wispy strand of a feather, every grain of wheat or spiral in a shell. 
Each piece is unique. 
When you wear their jewelry  you are wearing a one-of-a-kind item that can never be replicated. 
The important part: Parrot feathers and shells are cruelty-free and are sourced from licensed dealers. We only use natural feathers, never dyed feathers. The vibrant colours are the bird's natural feathers. 

The interview.

_Where do you live?
J.: We are two sisters from a small town called Seaforth, Ontario. We started the business when we were both home for the summer, alternating between afternoons making jewelry and trips to the Lake Huron beach. There’s only about 2000 people in Seaforth, it’s a relaxed neighbourhood with plenty of nature around to find inspiration in. We even have a neighbourhood cat who thinks of herself as our shop assistant, following us wherever we go. 

G.: Now we are living in different cities, each running our own studio. Jessica is living in Ottawa and I am living in Seaforth and Waterloo. We have our business meetings over Skype and do a lot of online collaboration. We’re looking forward to our next ‘real life’ business meeting back home at our favourite restaurant over the holidays.  

_Inspiration comes from what?
J.: We take inspiration from nature. There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly formed feather, or an intricate grain of wheat. We mortals could never surpass nature as a designer, so instead we showcase nature’s most beautiful designs in our transparent jewelry. 

G.: Exactly. Not only is nature the best designer in terms of aesthetics, but you can take inspiration from nature in terms of science and engineering too. Just look at the Fibonacci sequence or the Mandelbrot set.
Everyone can be inspired by nature, and most of what we consider to be the greatest designs in the man made world are actually inspired by nature. 

_What do you want to communicate the world? Your message.
J.: God is in the details. Beauty exists all around you, you just have to look for it. Patterns in the snow, sunsets, tiny birds, footprints, leaves. It’s awesome in the literal sense of the word. 

_In your opinion, What is Fashion?
J.: Fashion is ever changing and connected to the values of the times. I think we’re seeing a lot of nature-inspired jewelry because people want to get back to connecting with nature. 

_Recycle or Re-used. Vintage, eco-friendly or natural materials. What's your choice?
J.: Our favorite materials are dried natural artifacts such as feathers, leaves, shells and grasses. We embed these artifacts in transparent resin, in handmade moulds we make ourselves. 

G.: The resin is a great media to showcase natural artifacts. The resin has a natural magnifying effect, which truly highlights the beauty of the natural objects. 

_The creative process?
G.: We often build upon each other’s enthusiasm and similarly, when one of us is feeling frustrated the other does too. 

J.: We have very different styles which really helps our creative process. Gwynne has more of a classic style whereas I am drawn more to hippie styles, sequins and all things boho-chic. We both bring new ideas to the table and if one of us is resistant, if the other is persistent enough a new idea will come through and the other person will come around. 

G.: Exactly, and most of the ideas that we were once persistent to turn out to be some of our greatest creations. It is also great having this partnership with two very different styles.
We take inspiration from different places and bring fresh perspective to our designs. I think while our styles are very different, they mesh together to create modern, interesting ideas. 

_What is creativity inside you?
J./G.: Creativity is inside every one of us. It’s part of being human. People may think they aren’t creative but they just need some freedom and encouragement. A lot of the artist community perpetuates an elitist viewpoint that is discouraging to anyone who thinks they might not have natural talent, or formal training. You just have to recognize the creativity inside of you, and follow through with your ideas no matter how discouraging other people can be.

Shop @ Rosella Resin

20 mag 2011

SUMIKO SHOP _ Independent Italian Creativity

Evelyn Palazzin is the mind behind Sumikoshop: she is the designer/producer & owner, who lives in Cervia, Italy, a small town on the seaside, with her boyfriend and her 4 years old son.
I'm so happy to discover also the independent italian creativity.
A nice conversation, about Evelyn and Sumiko.

"I am crazy about traveling and would gladly travel around the world. 
I love adventure and unspoiled places…. white beaches …the sun ... I wish to live somewhere warm all year round.

I've always had a passion: to create, since i was young, creating clothes or anything I could think of.
only a few years ago, I thought I'd start my own accessories collection.
I opened Sumikoshop on Etsy, in June 2008, and since then my life changed, my days are completely dedicated to creating, photographing, and thinking about new collections.

My collections are very different between them: each item reflects my personality, I love many different styles and I can mix them all together.
My accessories are mostly female and whimsical, for a bon ton look, but sometimes I like mixing vintage with modern materials, and try to create simple everyday pieces.

I am especially inspired by the materials that I find.
I love using rare vintage pieces, in brass, satin ribbons and cabochons, but I love experimenting with new materials each time
Many of my items are one of a kind and others are made in limited quantities, and are made with love and attention to detail.

With the collaboration of Simon Filip, and the singer Becky, of The Honey Trees, I could give more light and more touch to the style that I want to represent and communicate with my jewelry".


Sumikoshop Lovely Finds:http://sumikoshop.blogspot.com/
My Etsy shop: http://sumikoshop.etsy.com

18 apr 2011


Annapaola Rapacciuolo è  la designer & producer di Le Chou Chou bijoux, una linea di gioielli artigianali, dal sapore ironico e quotidiano, ma raffinato.

Originaria di Napoli, una città dalla grande tradizione artigianale nell'ambito dell'oreficeria, della ceramica e delle miniature, Annapaola ha fondato le sue radici artistiche in vari settori, dall'incisione del corallo alla modellazione della ceramica, fino al web design.
Si è qualificata in oreficeria e design presso la scuola del polo orafo 'Il Tarì'.

L'ultima novità in casa Le Chou Chou è la collezione Les Madeleines, un omaggio al celebre episodio dell'opera di Proust, 'La ricerca del tempo perduto'.
Filigrane anticate o dipinte a mano, colori protetti da lacche isolanti, pizzi e merletti dal tono realistiche, realizzati in realtà con materiale impermeabile e antimacchia fanno da supporto a preziose ceramiche, decorate con resine espossidiche, e delicate miniature realizzare a mano e rifinite in ogni dettaglio.
Per una donna la cui fragilità è solo apparente, che sa cedere ai ricordi di un tempo perduto, senza perdersi in essi, anzi ritrovando in loro la propria storia e la propria identità.
Gli scatti della scorsa PE 2010 sono realizzati da Chiara Battistini, la testimonal è l'attrice teatrale Vanessa Favilla, protagonista dell'ultimo cortometraggio di Paolo Gaudio 'Attraverso la lente'.

Le Chou Chou - Shooting P/E 2010
collezione "Les Madeleines"

model: Vanessa Favilla, actress
photo: Chiara Battistini
© All rights reserved

Per la stagione 2010/2011, invece, Le Chou Chou, in collaborazione con LBD- Little Black Dresspresentano il lookbook realizzato dal fashion photographer Nicola Casini
Vanno in scena, interpretati dalla modella Manuela Mariani nelle vesti di una studentessa anni '50/'60, le linee Patisserie e Les Madeleines di Le Chou Chou bijoux e gli abiti della collezione LBD® Tapestry II. 
Toni caldi, accenti dorati e dettagli preziosi di Le Chou Chou si legano con armonia alle tonalità ed alle linee degli abiti LBD®, realizzati con i preziosi tessuti di San Leucio, forniti dallo storico setificio Real Sito: due modelli di abiti bon ton, denominati '50 e 60', abbinati a pochette destinate a contenerli ma da riutilizzare anche come portaoggetti, cuscini e portabiancheria.

Le Chou Chou bijoux - A/I 2010/11
dress: LittleBlackDress®
photo: Nicola Casini

model: Manuela Mariani
© All rights reserved

Le Chou Chou bijoux rinnova anche le collezioni basic.
La collezione Patisserie Deluxe con gli accessori della serie Les Biscuits: anelli, orecchini e fermacapelli impreziositi da cristalli Swarovski autentici; la collezione Patisserie, delicate miniature con dettagli di ceramica.

11 apr 2011

LODEKKA DOUBLE DECKER DRESS BUS - What a funny & cool Vintage Bus!

Photos by www.leelacyd.com

Lodekka Double Decker Dress Bus is a Vintage Store created into an old 1965-bus.
Erin Sutherland is the inventor of this actual - old - Bus.

"As you can imagine, the bus is a conversation piece. This gives me the opportunity to chat with just about everyone who walks in the door. I've equated Lodekka to the kitchen where everyone congregates at a party. 

Lodekka opened in October of 2010.
The bus is a 1965 Bristol Lodekka. “Lodekka” is a made-up word to indicate that the bus is low to the ground and has a “low deck.” I chose the name to pay homage to the bus and its British roots. The bus is also named Guinevere, but her nickname is Ginny.

The bus was built in Bristol, England in 1965 and the bodywork (or coachwork) was built in Lowestoft on the east coast. The bus provided public transportation to the citizens of Liverpool from 1965 to 1982. 

The bus can run, but currently doesn't. All of its parts are in working order.
I don’t drive the bus around. The bus stays parked on the corner of N. Williams and N. Failing all the time. I like staying in one spot so people always know where to find me!

I am a chronic thrift, estate sale and flea market shopper. I take day trips to small towns around Oregon and Washington (and beyond!) in search of independently owned thrift stores that haven’t been picked over. I love the challenge of finding needles in haystacks: the tougher the challenge, the better. I get great pleasure from helping a little lost dress find its soul mate, and seeing the smile on the customer's face when they realize that the dress was made for them.
I carry dresses, jackets, shorts, skirts, shoes and accessories for women, shirts, shoes and furnishings for men, a few kids clothing items and lots of knick-knacks and ephemera.

So far the place is bustling! Some folks pull their car over when they see the bus (usually as a result of prompting from the kids in the backseat), some are waiting to get in to Portland's restaurant of the year, Tasty N Sons, and others are just walking by and want to see what this crazy monstrosity is all about. 
One thing is for sure: the bus is a kid magnet. I learned very quickly that I needed to have stickers at the ready for these young customers."

10 apr 2011

OK, LET'S GO. Style a Rock Star.

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Sebastian Professional has teamed up with Maja Ivarsson, lead singer for The Sounds, in a challenge to style this platinum-tressed rock star. 

Playing this contest, You will have the opportunity to win a $1000 VISA gift card and a gift basket from Sebastian Professional. Ivarsson was named "Hottest Woman in Rock" by Blender Magazine and will be judging the contest entries!

You have to create a rock star look for Maja with at least one Sebastian Color Ignite product in the set.  Readers must create a complete look.
The contest runs from now until April 17, 2011.

Let's go. Enter Contest.

Sebastian Professional ha collaborato con Maja Ivarsson, cantante dei The Sounds, in una sfida di questo stile  da rock star platino tressed.
Giocando questo concorso, si avrà l'opportunità di vincere una Gift Card VISA da 1000$ e un cesto-regalo da Sebastian Professional. 

Ivarsson è stata nominata "Hottest Woman in Rock" da Blender Magazine e verrà a giudicare le voci del concorso!

È necessario creare un look da rock star per Maja con almeno un prodotto a colori di Sebastiano Ignite nel set. ATTENZIONE! È necessario creare un look completo.
Il concorso si svolge da oggi fino al 17 aprile 2011.

Let's go. Enter Contest.

31 mar 2011

SCHICKI MICKIS_ "Get lost in the woods"

Anat, indie designer for SchickiMickis, a collection of unique handmade jewelry & accessories. She was born and raised in Israel, but she studied jewelry & accessories design in Milan. She is a globe trotter, as she lived and worked also in Berlin, recenty she moved to Tel Aviv.
A nice conversation with her.

« My name is Anat, and I am a jewelry and accessories designer.
I was Born and raised in Israel, but I studied jewelry and accessories design in Milan.
I have been living and working in Berlin, and recently moved to Tel Aviv.

I’m running my own label – SchickiMickis!
SchickiMickis is a German expression for the term trendy and is widely used as the german evil twin of “fancy-schmancy”.
For me, SchickiMickis is like “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is. Those paths in the woods that diverged and you never know where they will take you.

I graduated at Tel Aviv University with a master degree in Sociology and worked for a while in human resources. 
I had a whole path already laid out for me, until one day I decided to leave it all behind. 
I moved to Milan, where I studied Jewelry and Accessory design. It was one of the best experiences of my life. That was just the beginning of my international roller coaster. 
I lived and started designing in Prague and Berlin,  only one year ago I just moved back to Tel Aviv, eager to focus on my designs.
I am thankful for every step of the way. You can say it threw me out of the box. 
The best thing I learned during those years was not to be afraid to “get lost in the woods”. 

I love making things handmade, because the creative process becomes an adventure. I start with an idea that gets a shape in a sketch and continues to develop through the work with the materials themselves. 
It is like a game, playing with the materials revealing all their secret characteristics and different persona they can put on while handled differently. 

My current creations focus on the theme of identity, and are very much influenced from the cities I have been living in. 
My designs refer to that elusive tension between warm and cold materials, geometric sharp and curvy soft shapes, the whole and its parts, the notion of cheap and luxurious, elegant and funky, eastern and western… 
All as a reflection of the opposing and crossing identities we are all composed of.
This is why my designs have a touch of a Milanese glam, with a strong Berliner vintage flair.

Fashion or design for me are a language, a way to communicate. 
Not just passing my own message, but also as a discussion with other designers, as my comments to the world around me ».

28 mar 2011


Debbie Carlos, independent photographer. A nice conversation about her creativity.

«I live in Chicago, in the U.S. This is a great city. 
Having lived in L.A., Manila, and in the Boston area, I think Chicago is the first city I’ve lived in that I’ve really felt a connection with. 
There is such a great sense of history that you can feel everywhere. You get the cultural happenings, the hustle and bustle of a large city, but there is also a really nice Midwestern relaxed attitude. 
You will also find a different set of neighborhoods surrounding downtown, and I think these communities make the city really interesting.  Also, the eating is pretty excellent.

I think I make my most interesting pictures when I travel or when I’m in nature. I love to look at art, especially self-taught art. 
I also draw unlimited amounts of inspiration from my friends.
Most of my imagery plays on a feeling or a mood: I try to document moments of everyday life that have a dreamlike, strange, or surreal quality. 
The images show events that happen in my life, but they are also not about me. I am absent, so that the viewer draws their own meaning from the image. My work aims to be universal.

I shoot both film and digital, but I have always loved film the best. The quality of film is so much weightier than digital. 
Digital can produce a great image and the process is a lot easier, but film will always have a certain look that produces a feeling that suits my work especially. 
I do also use re-purposed materials for my sewing projects. I love going to thrift stores and sifting through the pillowcases, bedsheets, oversized clothing to find materials and inspiration.

Having a camera on me at all times is the most helpful part of the creative process: sometimes there is nothing to take a picture of, but sometimes there is.
I make sure to take a lot of photos, even if I don’t feel very strongly about the shot, because I like to leave room to be surprised later.

I think the best thing is to always be open to the idea that anything can happen, at any time. 
Ideas, excitement, energy, a willingness to learn new things. This is creativity for me».