7 ott 2010

DARK PONY DESIGNS_ Inspiration + drive

Robin N Fator is the indie designer of Dark Pony Designs, a collection of clothing and accessorizes.
She lives in the country side of Northern California, USA with my husband and two children. She is a mother and a wife. And a creative mind.

She is inspired by pop culture, hollywood glamour, costumes, equestrian style, rock and roll and contrast.
What's the fashion design concept?  Hard meets soft, black and white meets color, intensity mixed with delicate. Robin likes creating fanciful items you can have fun in.
Using eco friendly materials, vintage pieces, satin, rhinestones,chain, lace, tulle, and glitter.
Lots of ideas that she writes down or draws. These ideas eventually become a finished piece. 
Most of her creating is done in her head.

Robin is one of the perfect example of balance between job and family life. A typical day for her includes: eating breakfast with my family, taking care of general business, teaching (we are a homeschooling family), working in my studio, making dinner, cleaning house, reading to my kids, and then taking time to spend time with my husband and sometimes finishing projects at night.

What is the creativity inside Robin? Inspiration + Drive. 
She has to find an idea or a color that feels completely inspired by. 
Then she thinks about how to give real life to her ideas.
Robin is constantly creating in her mind, even if she can't always keep up with it physically.

Robin Fator, indipendent designer di Dark Pony Designs.
Vive in campagna, a nord della California. Madre e moglie.

La sua fonte di ispirazione è la cultura pop, il glamour di Hollywood, il rock'n'roll e lo stile country.
Utilizza materiali eco- friendly, pezzi vintage, raso, catene, pizzo, strass, tulle, glitter.

Concept: la morbidezza incontra la rigidità, il bianco e nero incontra il colore, l'intensità incontra la delicatezza. 
Adora creare oggetti di fantasia con cui divertirsi.
Trascrive le sue idee in parole o disegni. Molte delle sue creazioni sono già realizzate nella sua mente.

Inspiration + drive: trovare un'idea o un colore da cui Robin è ispirata totalmente. La sua mente è in costante ricerca ed evoluzione di creatività da realizzare nella realtà.

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