25 gen 2011

AND WHAT ELSE IS THERE_ Creative Thailand

Interview with Ami and Vivien for AndWhatElseIsThere.

"Ami and I (Vivien) were new college graduates of Economics, which was not even close to the fashion design or photography scope, from Bangkok, Thailand. 
For us, it's hard to define Bangkok in one particular word or phrase as the city is a great mixture of cultural diversity among the result of growing globalisation. Technology moves along to a stance where Thai people still hold great intensity of faith and social values.

It all started two years ago. One day, we discussed to each other that we wanted to start something fun and inspirational as a small project for international audience to observe what young minds like us have to offer from this country. We noticed that there was no proper blog from Thailand that could relate at an international stage that creativity is booming in our hometown. 
We started a blog, collecting inspirational images and presenting independent fashion design from both our country and other places, and eventually selling our own vintage and custom-made clothes to our customers throughout the world. We view our blog and shop as a spiritual space where we can release our thoughts beyond our corporate lives in the financial industry, where creativity is obviously limited, through our personal photography of places in Thailand and ready-to-wear clothing. 
Pretty much, the path to productivity is mainly driven from an abstract mind to break through our boring salary routines. We align our inspiration in doing the clothes to the surroundings we are living in. Thailand is the place we know best, and we represent our lifestyle through clothing at affordable prices. We use various materials like cotton mixed with polyester for tailoring our geometric shape of modern pants. Chiffon, lace, and crepes are also our tasty extras.

Lucky us to have a circle of friends who do their own fashion lines like genuine leather bags, clothing, jewelries, t-shirts, and menswear, so we have a future idea to make our website a space to gather beautiful things from our city in which we are working on right now. 
So stay tuned for a little renovation!"

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