7 ott 2010

MYLENE FOSTER_ Minimalist Jewelry



Mylene Foster, indie jewelry artisan from Seattle.

_Inspired by?

My main source of inspiration is beauty in wearable jewelry. 
I love the qualities of natural stones specially color.
I become excited at the possibilities of how I can highlight its beauty with exceptional and strong wire work.  
This is my second inspiration.  I've been doing wirework now for several years: I'm past the basic skills and I can produce elements in my jewelry with less difficulty.  
I can now take the design of an earring or pendant to the next level of complexity and this is what motivates me
to work.

_What do you try to communicate through your creations?

I want to create and make available to women, jewelry that is distinct, authentic, practical, durable, and that has value.  I look at value as getting more for what you pay for.  
In my case, you can get real gemstones, genuine metal and artisanal workmanship at prices you would normally pay for glass, plated metal or crystal at more popular stores.  
Why get an art print when you can get real artwork for the same price?

I also imagine how or why someone would wear it.  I would like my customers to feel better about themselves when they wear my creations. I get wonderful feedback from my customers and it makes it worthwhile.

_Which materials do you prefer?

I prefer to work with gemstones that are of higher quality which as you may know are more expensive. I would hate to sell someone stones that are unacceptable even at a lower price.  
My background is in painting and I like combining colors as a painter would, so I like a wide variety of colors available to me.  I like to work in silver that has been patinaed or antiqued and in gold.  
It seems like these bring out the color of stones as opposed to brightly finish silver which sucks it out.

_What's the creative process?

For an intricate piece, I begin with a sketch to plan the path that the wire would take without looking too messy.  Then I try it on wire.
These are the times when I experiment with something new or when I produce in physical form, an idea in my mind.  It may take several hours to finish and at the end, it is a big relief.

I also also enjoy making simple designs.  It is less mentally exhausting so I can relax, maybe even watch a movie when I'm making a long necklace.  It is really more like listening than watching.  I plan several pieces at the same time, thinking of which colors and shapes go well together.  When I've finalized the materials and design, I then begin to put it together, one at a time.

When you look at the jewelry I've created, it's so simple sometimes that it would make you think that it is done in haste but a lot of thought is placed on each piece and I try very hard to create something that is a little different.  It is truly distinct.  I think my designs are clean, minimal and restrained most of the times.  Once in a while, I'd like to be more opulent such as the long necklaces and bold colors I use. It is an extension of my own personality like my favorite choices in fashion, art, interior design.

_What is Creativity Inside you?

It all begins in my head as an idea, a problem to solve or a puzzle. 
Since I did not go to classes to learn wirework,  I had to solve problems myself from the beginning.  
The more I practice, the less difficult it becomes.  
Then the ideas change in time.  It could be a new shape, a new gemstone cut or color so for me to be creative is to adapt to changes and make something unique out of it.

Mylene Foster, indie jewelry designer  di Seattle.

Ricerca la bellezza, in gioielli facilmente abbinabili.
Ama la qualità di pietre preziose, specialmente colorate.
Una volta trovate le gemme con cui realizzare un gioiello, studia il modo migliore per esaltarne la bellezza con fili di ferro, eccezionalmente lavorati.
Questa la sua seconda ispirazione. Wire work, competenze basiche attraverso cui produrre gioielli complessi.

Creare per le donne.
Gioielli originali, autentici, pratici, durevoli. Questo il loro valore.
Gioielli con pietre preziose, metalli genuini, lavorati artigianalmente ed artisticamente ad un prezzo accessibile.
Immagina, inoltre, come e perché indossare le sue creazioni: vuole che le sue clienti si sentano bene quando indossano i suoi gioielli.

Proviene dalla pittura.
Per questo, Mylene ama combinare i colori come farebbe un pittore.
Ama lavorare con argento anticato o patinato, il quale fa risaltare il colore delle gemme preziose.

Guardando i suoi gioielli potrebbe sembrare che siano fatti in un batter d'occhio.
In realtà, dietro si cela un'attività mentale e creativa molto importante: la ricerca del tratto distintivo.
Gioielli dal design pulito e minimale, a volte molto ponderato. Altre volte, dal forte impatto visivo.

Tutto nasce come un'idea, un problema da risolvere, oppure un puzzle.
Imparare a lavorare col filo di ferro l'ha aiutata a creare con meno difficoltà.
Ma, le idee cambiano di volta in volta: nascono da una nuova forma, da una pietra o da un colore.
Essere creativi significa adattarsi al cambiamento, e da lì farne una creazione.

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