27 gen 2011

BLUE SCARAB JEWELRY_ Luxe Bohemien .925 & Gemstone Jewelry

Amber Bryce, owner, indie designer and soul creator for Blue Scarab Jewelry.
Since her youth age, she had an intense interest for art of all kinds. 
She enjoyed creating, anything she could do with her hands, she always put her own spin on it. 
She loved many different artistic medias, from drawing and writing to clays and mosaics. 
But creating Jewelry has always been what she come back to.
She feels such a strong connection with each piece she makes.

_Where do you live? 
I live in Nineveh, Indiana, with my husband, 3 children, and our moody cat, DC.  Our house is surrounded by mature trees and overlooks a beautiful lake, so I often feel like we've rented a cabin, tucked away in some remote mountains. I love it. 
The view always brings me peace, and big smile. 

_Inspiration come from what?
Nature is my biggest inspiration. A garden of wild flowers, the ocean,  the sky, all of the beautiful colors and textures spark creativity for me. 
Secondly, art. A favorite is John William Godward; I often look upon his paintings to invoke a feeling for color mixtures in my work. 

_Blue Scarab Jewels: what's the goal?
I want my jewelry to be wearable, first off. My creations range from very understated to extremely extravagant. 
However, I try and design every piece so they are wearable with a white tee-shirt, jeans, and heels, as well as a sexy dress. 

_Recycle or Re-used. Vintage or eco-friendly material. What's your choice?
I only use eco-friendly/recycled Sterling Silver, so no new mining is done to make my jewelry.
 I also have great relationships with my gemstone suppliers, which allows me to ensure the gems I use are manufactured in a conflict free environment. 
Most of my packaging is from recycled materials as well. 

_What's the creative process?
Anything can create a design idea for me, and it's up to me to take those elements and nurture them into a full creation. 
I usually create around the gemstones I intend to use. Starting with a sketch, the end creation is always different from the original sketch. 
Sometimes the piece takes on it's own life once I'm working the wire in my hands and ends up completely different from what I've sketched. 

_What is creativity inside you?
My creativity is always stirring about inside me, sometimes I have to literally make myself stop thinking about designs! 
It's almost like I have a constant slide show of shapes and colors in my mind, and when a combination resonates with me, I pull it out of my imagination and put it on paper. 
Creativity is EVERYTHING inside me. From my jewelry to everyday life.
I think you have to keep restoring your inner child, your inner creativeness, to maintain a happy & healthy lifestyle. 
Never let things get dull or drab, always try new things to spark creativity. 

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