27 gen 2011


Elitsa for Kukla Studio, indie designer jewelry.

"Barcelona, Spain. The city is special for its mixture of cultures, interesting history, beautiful architecture and many things to be seen. 
It is also kind of welcoming you to spend some more time, not to stay and live here permanently, but certainly there is a lightness in the decision of spending a longer period here. I really like traveling, in the sense of changing places.  I still don't think of settling down.

I find my inspiration everywhere - in my day life, in things I see outside, in patterns and colors from nature, sometimes from beautiful pictures or even things like interesting ceramic or dreams. 
I have found out that all it takes is pay more attention to everything around. 

I don't know if you could call that exactly something that I want to communicate. I only want to continue creating beautiful items or little pieces of art that can be part of our life. 
There are too many things around which pretend to be complicated, contemporary, new. My feeling towards many of them is all that emptiness hidden under pretention. 

I think we should be much more responsible about our disposable life style.
In my work, I always try to reuse materials. 
Mostly I'm being careful with my packages and the use of plastic in them. I'm reusing bubble envelops and stuff like that. 
These are small steps toward being more conscious. I'm certainly not resolving the huge problems that we'll be facing soon, but I'm trying to stay positive about my future engagements in that direction.

When working on my orders, I like having my little rituals, like having my tea and working on stages with some other tasks in between. 
For busy days, I'm still trying to have my walks and to have some time off.
When working on new designs, for me it's better to provoke creativity. Waiting for the great ideas just to appear is not that prolific. If I spend some time thinking about new ideas, drawing and creating something everyday, I end up with much more ideas than what I can actually realize."

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