29 gen 2011

WAPA'S STUDIO_ Porcelain Affair

Ady Shapira for Wapa's Studio.
The moment she sat in front of a potter's wheel, she knew that ceramics is my way. 
She studied ceramic design at "The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design" in Jerusalem, where she first worked with porcelain, my favorite and most beloved material.
Near the end of my studies (2003), I opened my own studio that specializes in the designing and making lighting objects from porcelain.
She is very grateful that her passion became her livelihood and allows her to continue and create. 

"I live in Avichail, Israel, with my boyfriend and my three funny dogs. 
Avichail is a small village in the center of Israel, near the Mediterranean Sea. My studio is in my home and I'm surrounded with nature. 
The big windows of my studio bring the outside into my working space and my work is defiantly influenced by the birds, the insects, the trees and the sea that lives beside me.

The nature around me inspiring, and you can see, in some of my works, the influence of my surroundings. 
Basically, when you really live life, through its ups and downs, you will find inspiration all around.

In my work I try to push the limits of the material I use: the thin porcelain slabs that I use in my work makes it sometimes hard to create the vessels but I like the challenge.
Porcelain is most definitely my preferred material. 
I try to use sustainable work processes while I'm creating, but unfortunately, porcelain after it is fired can't be re- used.
In my daily life, I try to use more and more recycled and re-used materials. 
I renovate old furniture, use recycled wrapping materials and try in general to be good to the environment and to my surroundings.

Starting with a subject or an image that excites me. Then, I begin to explore the issue, read books about it and look for images that relates to the subject. When I find an image I like, I start to drew it and build small models of it. After the first research, I'm stepping into my studio and try to build the model in porcelain clay. 
After a few tests and after I understand how the substance reacts to my trials, I then finally have a product that I can manufacture in my studio.
For example, the thin vessels are the final result of a fascination I had to the wonderful art of Kirigami and Origami.
The small porcelain sacks were a custom order from a lovely bakery/coffee shop. 
They wanted small vessels for the sugar bags. I looked for a design that matches the homey atmosphere of the place. 
The vintage like design of the vessel worked great."

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