27 gen 2011

CRISTINA PIRES_ Creativity from All around the world

Cristina Pires is australian, canadian & portuguese indie-designer, currently based in Stockholm.
All work for Cristina Pires is designed, handmade & photographed by her. 
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_Who is Cristina Pires?
I studied Fashion in Brisbane, Australia.
I live in downtown Stockholm, which is an island actually, with my partner & have a home-studio that I work from. 
We both really like Södermalm & think it's the best place to live in Stockholm. 
However, when my partner finishes his PhD we will move back to Berlin & I'm really excited about it. Berlin is my most favorite city I've ever lived in.

_Inspired by?

Colors, nature, science, music, travel & all the places i've lived in, daydreaming, my friends/family & my 'sherries'.

My designs are pretty all over the place, I have very eclectic taste & my inspirations vary.  
Sometimes I get inspired by people I admire,  other times by places & themes. Most of all though, my inspiration comes from the materials I have in front of me & thinking "what should I  do with that?".

Everything I make is meant to be very wearable & also durable - I use cotton a lot, because it is easily washable & holds it's color & shape.
But also vintage cotton & silks are used or whatever I can find that is good quality.  
I would like to start using cotton blends & hemp materials in future. Most of the new cotton I use is organic.

I love to use bright colors, for example.
Optimism, positive thinking, having fun & being yourself.

_What is creativity inside you?
I believe that creativity is inside everyone & cannot be taught, just drawn out. 
I think a person's background & personality shows in their work.                          

Everyone is an artist, everyone is creative, we all leave an imprint on the world, whether we know it or not.

Photography: Daniel K. Johansson www.dkj.se

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