27 gen 2011

STUDIOLEANNE_ Glass and Ceramic Art


Interview with Leanne from StudioLeanne Australia.

"I live in Melbourne, Australia, overlooking the beach. 
This vista is where all my inspiration comes from. 
The beautiful sunset, the stormy skies, the surf and the evening calm provides the individual colors and designs for each piece.

I have been a potter for many years, but sometime ago, my daughter wanted a specific piece of jewelry, which I made for her. 
From that, a range of unique, oversized and outrageous jewelry pieces developed and the name StudioLeanne.

I like to create jewelry that both compliments an outfit and sets the wearer apart from anyone else. 
I love creating something unique and pushing the boundaries.
Clay and glass are my favorite materials. 
I love the texture, the feel and the anticipation of seeing the unknown, each time I open the door of the kiln.
I mix many of my own glazes and still enjoy throwing a pot onto the wheel. 

Each ceramic piece is allowed to dry and then it is high temperature kiln fired. The next process is glazing. The pieces are then fired again and sometimes a third firing, depending on the effect I want to achieve. The complete process can take up to two weeks.

I am passionate about my work; it is fun and a wonderful outlet for my creativity. I hope to become increasingly more outrageous in both color and design whilst continuing to promote the therapeutic and aesthetic beauty of all things handmade.

I want people all over the world to enjoy my StudioLeanne jewelry as much as I do. "

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