27 gen 2011

PAGAN POETRY_ Dedicated to Salomé_ SS 11 Preview


Pagan poetry is about shamanism, paganism and poetry. Behind this name,  a different kind of jewelry: amulets, cages and harness involve the whole body and become part of the outfit.

After working in the landscape-architecture, Diane, designer & producer of Pagan Poetry, decided to follow her passions: ethnology and jewelery making.
Her interview.

"I live in Paris. I’m not so much in love with Paris, and I know that there is a romantic feeling about this city, but I don't fell it. 
I am more about nature and open and wide landscapes, deep forest and mysterious atmospheres. But I love parks and museum here, it is a great source of inspirations.

I’m inspired by many sources:
Native American cultures, Inuit legends, books, a few photographers that I worship (Ellen Rogers, Aëla Labbé, Pauline Darley...), the forest, some strange plants: Droseraceae, orchids, the nineteenth century, decadence, Orientalism, Symbolism, music like Fever Ray, Joanna Newsom, their words, and all things that are pagan and poetic…

I like to instill some magic in my items. 
I want every design to have its own story and soul. 
That is why I insist on making everything with my hands. 
I draw every feather on leather, so each one is different and unique.
I want to make jewelry that make a statement, design that complete the outfit.
I like to work with leather and chain.

The first idea must grow and perfect itself in my mind, before I can make the object. I rarely draw, and I like to work directly with materials.

The new collection of "Pagan Poetry" synthesizes an adventure. These words of Antoine de Galbert have not left me inspire me:

"Instruments in the sacred service, they flirt with the margins of the supernatural, claim the fragile and ephemeral conjure the mystery of fate. [...] Like magic items, ingrown, those who turn to deliberately 
the supernatural and the unconscious **. " 

In my ambition to recreate imaginary civilizations, I couldn't ignore the cap and the crown. 
Crowns, girdles and harness, Paganism, decadence, poetry theater will be the clue. 
Orientalism, Jewelry and vanities, the 19th century gave me the name of my heroine: Salomé."

Photo: Pauline Darley
Models: Anne Sophie and Coralie
Make up : MademoiselleMu
Hair : Sophie Haise
Lingerie : Blackitten
Jewellery : Pagan Poetry
Assistant : Camille Marciano

**Voyage dans ma tête, Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter

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