27 gen 2011

GAL STERN_ Dare to Wear

Classic Collection

Shoe Flower Collection

Wild Collection

Classic Collection

Urban Collection

Gal Stern lives in Israel.
This is a very vibrant country, and the design scene is blooming in the recent 8 years.

Gal is a textile designer, graduated at the Israel’s top fashion school, "Shenkar" high college.
Gal was always fascinated by printing and right upon her graduation she decided to open her own studio to dedicate her time in creating her own designs.

Her key products are hand printed tights, which are designed and produced through a special technique developed by Gal, in the labs of the Israeli under garment giant “Gibor Sabrina”.
She loves to experiment with new materials and, at the moment, she specialises in a unique combination of cotton and nylon.

She wants to create her unique collections of tights.
often she can be found in her studio experimenting on new colouring, printing techniques.
Nature, texture that surround her, colors… Everything inspires Gal.

Fresh, Intelligent, universal and crazy!
A new modern universal woman that wants to appear special in today’s world.
“My design view gushes from my fascination with shapes & the way they attach, transform & create a surface, I am also overwhelmed by colours. I am drawn by the combination of shapes & colors & how they mix together”.

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