27 gen 2011

CSEVENM_ If you wait patiently good things will come, so close your eyes and try to dream

Subtle, fragile and charming.  Beautiful garments, delicately crafted interiors and custom made projects.
Inspired by a passion for textiles and blending traditional craft with a modern aesthetic, Csevenm has developed a charming selection of hand made soft interiors and detailed fashion pieces to adorn your home and wardrobe.  

Interiors with a delicate mixture of white on white prints, randomly pieced together, to make patchwork blankets. 
Silk patch sheets with hand block printing, in soft silver and pearl white, and a variety of cotton and silk cushion cases available on request to compliment the bedding.
Pour les enfant, the little collection range consists of printed cushions in classic children’s colors and unique patchwork baby blankets with signature white on white prints. 
Each item is finished with a delightful hand stitched animal character.  

Csevenm's visually distinct collection of design essentials, including the limited edition clothing label ‘crâne’, is all developed through a process of manipulating old and new , while refining hand stitched intricacies into the fine details of design.

This is the interview with Charlin Morgan, Founder , Designer and Producer for Csevenm.

_Where do you live? Feeling and sensations living there.
Until a short while ago, I lived in one of the Home Counties, but recently moved back to London. 
I miss the countryside, when I would go for a morning walk before starting work in the studio.
On sunny days, I sit in the garden and sketch and finish all my hand stitching. 
The fresh air and the relaxed lifestyle created a great atmosphere for me.

Now I’m back in ‘London Town’ I remember how great it is here too. 
I’m in South London through and through, there is an amazing mixture of everything you could ever want.  In my mind South London is quite small and homely.

_Sources of inspiration?
Wow, I’m not sure I can answer that without being ultra vague. 
Everything and anything inspires me at any given point.  
I’m a great fan of scribbling things on random bits of paper, the back of a receipt, postcards, and torn pieces of packaging.  I find it easier to organize my thoughts into workbooks by collaging them together.

I have a great fascination with tradition, the history of the person, a song, a poem, a place or a thing and the observation of its evolution.  The details are what inspire me, I might love a song but it will be one line that draws me in.  I love flowers but the silhouette of a single petal will be the focus of my view.

_What do you want to communicate the world through your creations?
I would like to take people back to the intricacies of craft and skilled workmanship.  
I want my work to portray the time and care incorporated into my products, which will in turn compliment the true personality of each individual.  I hope to help people notice the interesting and the desirable, to discover the charm in items available outside of the dominant corporate retail industry and to connect, work and support the world’s designers and craftsmen as a community.

_Which materials do you prefer? Recycle or Re-used? Vintage or eco-friendly material? what's your choice?
I love fabrics, natural fibres are what I love the most, I could list some of my favourites but the truth is they all excite me.  
I like the history of garments and often take the time to deconstruct second hand pieces.  
The remains of these garments are generally re-used in my clothes and blankets.  I also work freelance in the fashion industry and collect as many remnants as I can, I figure waste not want not, It’s all useable.

_How the creative process is?
It is the manipulation that makes what I do.
I believe it is one of the most important factors in anything you do, because it is what makes your work personal, individual and essentially special.
Printing, twisting, washing, stitching, blending and distorting is how my work evolves the old.
The new can all be used, I’ve become a bit of a hoarder over the years, if I like it and I can get my hands on it I will keep it until I can find a use for it.

A single item usually sparks the whole chain of events.  I start with something very simple.  
It could be anything from a book to an item of clothing or even a scribble from a dream.  
Once I have found my starting point, I trawl through my old notes, as there is usually some ref. point that links me to my new concept.  
I‘ll have one image, which defines my color story and from here the project snowballs.  
I’m continually researching throughout the design process and changing and developing the designs accordingly.

_What is creativity inside you? 

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