25 gen 2011


Jonas de Varona, designer of MMH- Meet Me Here- Clothing.
Glass Architect online store was created with the idea to offer some of the prototypes, samples and one offs he makes, while exploring new ideas for Meet Me Here.
Everything in the Glass Architect shop is made from original patterns that are drafted, cut and sewn by Jonas on one of 5 industrial machines. 

"I live in Seattle, Washington. But more specifically in Georgetown.
It's about 3-4 miles south from the heart of downtown Seattle.
Georgetown is probably the most industrial area of the city. It has about 150 homes and it is completely surrounded by warehouses, industrial yards, the freeway, trains and two airports  I have likes and dislikes about this area.
I originally moved to Georgetown because I get a lot of inspiration from industrial objects and places.
Inspiration comes from everywhere, literally, from nature to music to people.
But my main source are industrial spaces and objects, that usually I revisit.
They have a spacious neutral energy - they don't feel designed.
They are made purely for function, I have an honesty about them, a kind of blankness that resonates with me.

When I'm creating something, I only think about the object and not who will use it. Thinking about the person tends to guide my creativity to too much.
I think this is called designing in the absolute.
I want to make things that satisfy me, genuine.
When I make something, I'm wanting to answer a question. From an aesthetic standpoint, I want to make things that don't feel designed, the functionality should be unnoticeable.
I used to mostly associate honesty with a cliché meaning of tradition or something established, a tried and true method or something.
Now ,I see honesty in things that feel fresh and undiscovered. I think the best place I can be as a creative person is using my instincts and intuition this makes you reach for what's at your core engaging your true nature.
To me, that can only happen if I'm making things that feel new to me.
This is one of the reasons I started using reused and surplus materials: 4 years ago, it  felt raw, undiscovered and post apocalyptic.
From the beginning i wanted to make the pieces I sell on my machines using patterns I've drafted. This is very satisfying and allows me to control quality, waste and quantity. It's also important for me to use local sources.
I don't have a favorite fabric.
It could be anything although color and texture always play a role.
I like to work with recycled materials, scrap or dead stock. It feels good to make something from waste, a sort of alchemy if you will.
If I could only use one material It would probably be leather.

A collection of memories, desires, and fears... a mask, the way I order the world, and of course a reflection of my soul."

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