11 feb 2011

LUNA SOLIS CLOTHING_ Bohemian/gypsy/vintage style limited edition & one-off handmade clothing and accessories

Australia. Zyanya Walker, founder and designer for Luna Solis Clothing, lives  about one hour drive north of Sydney in a place called the Central Coast.
She has her own house which she bought recently with her boyfriend. They love it here. There is a nature reserve behind them, so there is always a lot of beautiful birds singing all day. Also they are very close to the beach.

Her biggest source of inspiration is anything vintage. 
Zyanya loves the 1920s, 30s and 40s so much. She said "I wish I could have lived in those decades."
Everything seemed so much more refined back then, the houses, the cars, the jewelery, the clothing were so beautiful.
People put a lot of thought into what they created. 
She is also very inspired by the gypsy life, living as a nomadic free spirit. 
She tries to incorporate these things into what she creates. 
But also the sacred geometry, trees, water, nature in general, 1930s freak shows, old fashioned circus life, fortune tellers, the subconsciousness, eloping, memory, time travel, magic, things that are sacred and treasured, sleeping and dreaming, the unknown.

All garments and accessories are handmade. 
Where possible, she uses recycled fabrics, buttons, lace, zippers etc. 
This keeps the garments affordable and is kind to our beautiful earth. 
If their fabrics are not recycled or vintage, they come from places that are selling liquidated stock. Everything she creates is extremely unique and limited. She thinks it is nice for people to own special accessories and clothing that no one else owns.

Her creative process is still being discovered. She's still so new at creating a range of clothing and accessories that she is learning what best works for her. 
Generally she keeps her eyes open all the time for inspiration through blogs, magazines and people on the street. 
She sketches her ideas and go from there. There is always a lot of change happening with her ideas, always an ongoing ever moving process.

"Creativity to me is my life force". 
Without it she thinks she would shrivell up and dry out! 
Everyone needs it, and everyone has it, just not everyone realizes it which is a shame. 
Zyanya loves to be able to teach people that creativity is inside all of us, it just comes in many different forms. 
Life is about creating our own perfect existence. 
Being creative makes happy, whenever she is feeling down. 
Creativity isn't just about art or craft or cooking. 
It's about inventing new ways of doing things, constantly improving ourselves.

Zyanya Walker is also a photographer: when she likes how light falls on something, she photographs it, right away. Thoughts, Creations and inspiration. Follow her blog!

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