11 feb 2011

HONEY TREE_ Fine Art, Vintage Inspired and Nature Photography Decor

Sonoma County, California .
It is mostly rural, lots of fields with Oak trees and vineyards and the Pacific ocean just down the road. 
Life is at a pretty slow pace here, it is quite amazing right now with all the flowers of spring blooming.
Lupen Grainne, founder and photographer for Honey Tree, lives here.

Nature is her main source of inspiration, from all the little tiny changes of the seasons to the wide open spaces . 
After traveling in Europe a couple years ago, now she's living near San Francisco, also getting more inspired by the beauty and details in urban setting too.

She just likes revealing the beauty and magic in everyday things and places.
She wanted a name with honey in it, since it has a nice sweet comforting feeling.
And she seems to be drawn to taking lots of pictures of trees, a theme sort of for me, so it just came together.

All really starts with "I wonder what I can go out and find today" with some parameters, like going to the fields when the mustard is blooming, or going out on a foggy morning. 
Having a day or half a day to go out shooting is pure joy for HER.

What is creativity inside you?
"It is pursuing the pull I feel inside me to pursue beauty and things that speak to me".

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  1. Hello there,
    My friend Lupen (of Honeytree) sent me over here to check out your blog. I really like it! You've got lovely eye and great taste.