23 feb 2011


Pnina Goldberg, founder & independent designer for Room of Your Own, lives in Jerusalem with her husband, two kids and two dogs, in a very old  and special house that stands on a top of a hill. You can see the amazing view of the old and the new city of Jerusalem.

She was always very creative, she used to create craft, renovate old or antique furniture, knitting, sewing and designing jewelry as a hobby and as a giveaway to her family and friends. 
At the last few years, she starts marketing my stuff, lately she joined Etsy and opened her shop Room of Your Own. A whole new world of creation was discovered to her.
Etsy has changed her life in a way. It has given me a way to change her fun hobby into a small business. She also becomes a great Etsy buyer, finding and buying really unique and beautiful items from other shops all the time.
Buying handmade was always very important. She knows the love and care that she put into my handmade items.
She thinks that Etsy is a great place for small designers like herself. It gives us an opportunity to expose our creation to a lot of people from all over the world. She loves the fact that it feels like a community, and that everyone is trying to help and promote each other.

She really loves old, antique and vintage things. When she is looking for something to inspire her, she usually go to flea markets or farm markets and vintage stores. 
She also gets inspired by watching old or even new movies.
What kind of jewelry other women are wearing. But mostly the materials that inspire her: there are ones that stick out that she falls in love with. 
She uses her "inspiration" beads to start designing a piece that's in her head. She often has an idea and it won't leave me alone until I produce it.
Room of Your Own
is a great way to show her work, to spread the word about her new creations.
She is dreaming that one day it will become her full time job. It gives her a great pleasure and happiness to know that, somewhere, on this big planet, there are women that are wearing her jewelry design, making them happy and feeling good as well.

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