21 mar 2011

Le Muse_ Be a Muse!

Lina Pliūraitė, indie handmade Fashion designer for Le Muse.
«Beauty can't be determined by a nice dress or new haircut. The sources of beauty cannot be easily traced for the beauty glimpses through each time at a different moment.
Every time a woman would dress in Le Muse, I would notice how differently it looked. It adapts to individual body and moves with that person in its own unique and beautiful way.
Each Muse has a name: SandMuse, LoveMuse, PassionMuse. And every Muse creates a different mood when you wear it.
Therefore, I encourage you to find your own Le Muse and become unique Muse in the world!»

The interview.

_Where do you live? 

I’m so happy that I was born and live in Lithuania, Vilnius. This is a small country, it’s warm and cozy to work here. Small distances mean spontaneity and do lot of things when the idea comes. 
Vilnius is the capital of the country. It’s a city, but still small and cozy. You live in the capital but you feel different from the really big cities. It seems that everything goes together: city and the nature, warm and cold, big and small buildings. 

_Inspired by?

Usually, my inspiration comes from simple everyday things:

Fabric. I buy fabrics which are so nice. I like how they falls and make nice curves. I see the fabric and it comes the idea what should be done from this fabric. 
My first asymmetric blouse (called Cozy muse) came in this way. I bought fabric and I didn’t wanted to cut it. It was so beautiful. So, I wear it like that for some time and after I got the idea how to catch these curves. The design of the blouse was done.

People. Sometimes the inspiration comes from charismatic people I meet. I see the person and it comes the idea how they should look like. If the idea is strong enough it comes to the reality.

There is lot of place for the experiment in my work. I have idea and I try to do it, but suddenly I see that something I wasn’t planing suits perfectly and it comes like the main point in the design. 
Maybe, the too long zipper become the main accent in coat design.
And when I create I have the main thought in my mind: all ideas is “under mine nose”. So I don’t look for them far. 

_What's the concept behind Le Muse?

Le Muse talks about real beauty which comes from inside the person. Each of us has is own bugs: the body is not perfect, the face can be different, the skin can be softer. 
But, at the end, we have the inside world. Which is beautiful, powerful and unique. That means a lot...
Le Muse clothes covers your body and gives you unique shape every time you move. The shape is changing and creates different silhouettes. It creates are desire to see what is the unique inside. What charisma you have.
Le Muse gives you freedom. You don’t have to think so much of how you look like and if your body is perfect. It gives you freedom to care more about your feelings, emotions and about other people instead of thinking about yourself.

_Recycle or Re-used? Vintage or eco-friendly material?

I don’t choose the particular type of fabric. I like to touch them and to choose it according sensation. 
It should give pleasure to the body. The fabric of the cloth should give cozy warm or soft cold or other sensations. The skin feels the fabric every moment so it should be like sweet touches. So I touch fabric and if it is like that, I choose it for the new dress.

_What is creativity inside you?

The creative process is everyday. You never know when the idea is coming. 
That's make the life interesting. 
Sometimes so small details merged together creates the powerful idea and you never know when and what. So everyday is a surprise. A surprise with a pleasure.

Creativity is the best feelings I ever had, when new idea is coming. It's like a miracle. 
So I’m addicted to this feeling and I want to feel it again and again. 
This is what is driving me and what I’m so happy. It gives very strong driver for life.

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