25 gen 2011

AMORONIA_ Love will conquer everything

Creativity You interviews Demi for Amoronia Jewels.
Amoronia comes from Amor Vincit Omnia, which is the motto I strive to live my life by. Love is the driving force behind everything good, and if there is love, everything is possible.

"I’m Demi from Greece, founder of Amoronia, and since I was a child I have divided my time between city and countryside. 
I have so many contrasting images in my head, so many different feelings because of that, so many sensations and ideas that give me inspiration. 
Nature is primarily a source of inspiration, but also books and stories might be a reason why I will start making something. I only make what I like. 

My background education concerns literature, translation and comparative studies. 
I have spent time studying those things I like in Greece and the UK, but my first love is writing. I have published some poems in a collective edition, and I have also done some translation work for the theatre. 
Making jewelry has been my passion since I was a toddler. I can’t imagine life without it, in fact I see jewelry everywhere, and it’s the first thing I choose to wear in the morning!

What I hate about the city is the fact that it gives me the impression of being a huge waste land.
I like to use as few new materials as possible, and very often I resort to old pieces of jewelry, things that people bring me, found objects, old clothes or accessories, vintage buttons, papier mache, bamboo, old books, magazines and so on. 
Of course, that is creatively challenging, and it also implies versatility in style because, like in translation, the material itself often leads you to a certain path. 
And versatility in style means that Amoronia can cover many different tastes, which is absolutely cool!

Demi for Amoronia

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  1. I really enjoyed the interview, it's great to know the artist behind this beautiful jewelry.

  2. lovely interview!thanks for sharing :)I love Demi's work!